Will Server Wipes be fixed?

The one thing preventing me from getting the game is the fact that, according to a friend who actually plays this game, every 1-2 weeks when there’s an update, servers tend to wipe along with any characters created on that server. Is this true, if so, will this be resolved soon?

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u aware?

Friend from Misc says servers wipe bi-weekly, is this true?

It’ll be “resolved” once the game is out of alpha, most likely.

Wipes in alpha are a fact of life, and if you can’t deal with that, don’t buy the game yet. You’ll be happier.

Phuck it, yolo, buying it anyway, will deal with it.

Except for the official servers, the owner of a community server is in control and can wipe when they want.

Some patches cause wipes but those are pretty few and far between, even thought most server owners probably wipe after every patch.

Wiping isn’t as bad as you’d think, it doesn’t take that long to get everything in the game once you take some time to figure out how to play.

I definitely recommend starting out on a relatively small server, good to get your bearings, start learning the map, and not getting killed around every corner. :zoid:

Also, don’t forget that buying it now secures you the game for when it does hit a 1.0 “finished” release.

So even if you get frustrated and mad at the game now, go away for a few months and play other games that are fun, and then come back and check in on Rust and see how it’s doing. Hopefully, it’ll have major improvements that fix what got you mad before. I’m totally serious about not playing Rust for a while if it isn’t fun; the devs are working at getting weekly (or so) patches out, but they’re still building the foundations right now, so a lot of the biggest changes are nearly invisible from patch to patch because it’s backend structure work.

Fixed? Resolved? It’s not a bug, it’s on purpose. Some owners wipe their server every week while others avoid wipes completely with exception to forced wipes. I haven’t wiped my server since February 8th and that wipe was forced by my GSP due to CPU issues.

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