Will Single Player ever be improved in the game?

Please anyone that nows anything about the development of the game, reply me if there is going to be the single player mode? Thx anyone that reply (Sorry for my poor english)

No and not for the foreseeable future. Player interaction is an integral part of the experience the devs want.

I just don’t understand why people want to have single player. The funnest thing about Rust is being able to interact with other players. I love it. Just like Gary wanted “players sniff at each other like animals and eventually there might be trust”. How are you going to enjoy the game on single player? I don’t see the point in it at all. I respect your personal interests, but I don’t think they would work in a game like Rust.

LAN? If this is what you meant. When you can play “offline” with your friends only… Then yeah that might be possible… But still the most exciting thing is the interaction with strangers.

Some people would like to have some sort of sandbox mode for testing things out. I feel they should add a offline gamemode. Once the game gets farther into development I might myself want to play alone for a while. Though multiplayer is Really fun

Rust is an online-only game, at the moment. That’s like asking for a single-player DayZ.

The devs don’t seem to have made a firm decision on if they will release the server software for everyone to freely download and run their own servers a la GMod/every Source game and mod, but if they do, you can have “single player” by just running your own server and locking it down so nobody but you can join.

You can do that right now with whitelisting mods and a hosted server, but that’s a monthly cost and modding is still extremely young so the chances of the access controls suddenly failing and random asshole pubbers showing up is fairly high at the moment.

single player mode = play on one of the hundreds of 0 population servers

I am curious. Please tell me the appealing things about single player to you? What is your main purpose?

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Sorry I didn’t mean to disagree. I am on my damn Iphone and I clicked the wrong one. Yeah you’re right about that. Single player would work well on an empty server!

What I want more is the ability to make listen servers. For Machinima and the like.

SP would help as a tutorial before going online and getting butchered… if you can figure out the basics before going online, you’d probably stand a better chance.

And if your internet goes down for whatever reason, you can still play Rust.

Or if you just can’t be bothered to play online or only have a short time to play, offline is there.

I enjoy playing online, but wouldn’t mind an offline mode to screw around on.

It’d also be a safer way to get familiar with the map.

I’d certainly give an offline mode a go, but I’d always come back to online.

It’s also like asking for a single-player 7 Days To Die.

I understand the OP’s request, I was of the same opinion when I first started. I mean I could even survive far enough to even fiddle with most of the high end, upper tier items, just could’nt survive long enough. So I found me a pve server with minimal people on it and got to build some experience in the game and eventually built a massive base and then got very very bored. This game needs the pvp and MP aspect otherwise its a dead end game.

That was what i was thiking, a mode that can be played offline, when the internet goes down.

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The game’s main factor is the multiplayer
Why in he’ll you want to play singleplayer?
Would be fuucking boring

Its like you want to play DayZ alone, i dont get the point, This isnt Minecraft…

I think OP adequately explained the why. And, honestly, all they need to do is release the server software and “Viola!”, localhost server = SP.