will Skyrim models work in Gmod?

I have a hard time with rigging and modeling and I cant seem to wrap my mind around blender and other 3d modeling programs, and as I can see that there is countless models for Skyrim at Nexus for hair and textures that I would like to use, would there be a way to import said textures and models from the Skyrim into Gmod?

Yes it is and it’s fairly simple (if you use 3ds max) you only need a .NIF importer plugin (I don’t remember where I got mine so you’ll have to look around) and import a model, if you do it right your model will still be skinned (mesh moves with the bones), but porting to gmod is another process, there are many tutorials out there.

Here’s a custom companion I ported a while ago:

People have done it before. Not sure how, but if you find the guy who ported the Skyrim stuff he can probably help you.

is there an .NIF importer for Blender? I don’t use 3DS max.

there is a program called nifskope that lets you export .nif files as .obj or .dae

ok cool, I will check that program out, thank you and much appreciated! :slight_smile:

There are also .nif plugins for Blender, check here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/niftools/files/blender_nif_scripts/2.5.x/2.5.09/