Will someone make this for me please?

I play Garry’s Mod a lot and i think it would be epic if somebody would make a drivable WW1 British Mark IV tank entity with working weapons (left click = cannon. right click = front machine gun) and WASD movement.
theres a good model of a mark IV at this site.


heres a good size comparison


i really have an interest in world war one so i thought this would be cool. IM me on steam when youre done if you choose to make this

Cool idea.

Try the model section, then try lua request. :wink:

That does sound like a pretty kickin’ idea! I think they have a tank somewhere, but Im not sure if its that model. You could get the Model Manipulator stool to just change the model of the one in existence to that model when its working in Garry’s Mod.

It sounds like an awesome idea, go to the models/skin request section and they’ll probably help.