Will someone make this for me? version2.0

i posted the original on the ideas and suggestions section and the commenters told me to post it here so here it is:

I play Garry’s Mod a lot and i think it would be epic if somebody would make a drivable WW1 British Mark IV tank entity with working weapons (left click = cannon. right click = front machine gun) and WASD movement.

heres a good size comparison


i really have an interest in world war one so i thought this would be cool. IM me on steam when youre done if you choose to make this

i noticed than the first page link didnt work so i will post it again here:

the link should work. id do this myself but i am just starting out on hammer and all of that. also id like something else in honor of my recently passed U.S. naval lieutenant commander grandfather. ill post that at a later time.