Will Someone Play on PVE Only Server ?

I was thinking to do a PVE only server. Have a normal PVP server with some mods like remove, no item durability, basic kits like starter and hatchet…
and no players on the server…
There is only me, my friend and a few Russians that will only login for Rust training, like shooting, building, crafting. There is not so many PVE servers, so I just wonder would anyone like to play with PVP completely removed?
I know it will get boring soon, but the server is empty anyway, so why not to try something? I would disable c4 and grenades of course.

If you’d like to join with my server (I was going to open a 2nd server) and go with the idea I have, I can get you population on it easily. My current server reaches 70-100 after a wipe is done, and then 40-70 peak after it settles down later on in the week.

which server? is it pvp?

Whats the idea that you have and are you talking about pvp or pve?

It would be pvp faction based with a lot of tweaks to the gameplay.

Ok, I can try this.
Somehow I can not pm you, maybe because I’m on my phone. Will try when I’m at home on my pc. Just to let you know, that I can’t admin 24/7.
Also I would have no problem renting non branded 100 slot server and I can pay for it myself.
As long as I get ~ 30 players on the server.