will soon be united to us


Looks like some deep shit.
Oh yeah, its [media]

Music actually fit :monocle:

Weird handsome Eli model.

I’d kill myself too if my daughter looked like FAKEFACTORY’s Alyx.

I always hated the way she looked. The ‘real’ Alyx looks much better.

But nice picture, I like it. The song goes well with it. Fakefactory’s Alyx doesn’t. She’s a generic Mexican whore.
If anything, the background could have been better. Either a higher resolution wall, or a photoshopped background of either the same kind of wall, or a scene of some kind.

Fuck Fakefactory forever. Cool picture, though.

Even more so if I looked like Fakefactory’s Eli.

I like the way the light shines down on Eli’s face. His face posing is also pretty good.