Will SRCDS run good on...

Hey, Im wondering if I can run SRCDS on Damn Small Linux with the following specs…

700mhz Intel Celeron
Matrox video card from 1999
4gb harddrive
0.49 mb/sec. upload
20 mb/sec. download
CD-ROM Drive
Damn Small Linux (Hardware requirements http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/wiki/index.php/Minimum_Hardware_Requirements )

I want to run a small 5 Slot Garrysmod server, Expected to be full almost all the time.
possibly using flatgrass or construct.

You have 160Mb/s download?.

thats impossible. You would be able to download a 1gb file in 7 seconeds if you had 100+mb/s


And can someone please answer my question?

That machine will STRUGGLE. You’ll need to find out of you can get Wine working on Damn Small Linux (which I bet will be a pain in the arse).

If you’re trying to prove a point, go for it. If you seriously want to run a 5 slot Gmod server without any lag, you’re wasting your time. You’d be better off hosting it on your gaming PC assuming it’s a better spec than that.


Also darksoul is trying to point out that you used MB/s instead of Mb/s, they’re two entirely different units of measuring. Divide your Mb/s by 8 to get your MB/s.

Also 700 MHz is barely enough to run a CS 1.6 server, so a modern server program like SRCDS will probably just fall over and die.

Ive run a 8 slot cs 1.6 server on it without lag, and it was running windows 2000. And I wouldent need to use wine because SRCDS and HLDS are native on linux. I will try… If it doesent work I will just start up a hl1 server.

And I wouldent wanna run the srcds on my gaming pc as I only have 2.3ghz with 2gb of ram running 7 RTM.

So you don’t have 160Mb/s correct?. Can you please correct the 20MB/s in your OP. Thank you.

MB =/= Mb

I dont care about the mb thing I just want to know if it will run without major lag! PLEASE HELP!

You already received a response on that subject.

If you don’t care about giving out the correct specifications of you server, don’t ask for help. Simple.

I corrected it, I just dont understand how 700mhz is not enough for SRCDS

Think about it.
All that physics in garrys mod.
It can’t even run XP well, why do you expect it to be able to handle all the physics and stuff for 5 people?

I used to run a 6 slot build server on a 1GHz Athlon, 256MB RAM in Gmod9. That thing had trouble as it is, so imagine how your poor 700MHz machine will do…

Even now I’m running a Quad Core Xeon X3220 @ 2.4GHz and 8GB RAM. The actual machine handles 6 full servers without a hitch, but the servers themselves do lag with a lot of activity.

I see what your getting at UberMensch. Do you think Half-life 2 Deathmatch would run considerably faster?
Considering it doesent have as many physics calc’s to handle. And if anyone wants to give input on how many slots I could run on a GldSrc or Src server.

GoldSrc you’ll probably manage 12 slots, but your internet connection will be the limit there.

That system is from around 2000-2001, you’ll be very lucky to find anything modern which will run properly on it. Keep the system however, should you wish to play old games like Dungeon Keeper and Fallout :V