Will the gmod beta go into public beta anytime soon?

Hi everyone!

I am like 99% of gmod users, im DESPERATE to get my hands on the beta, but i can’t code short of HTML and Batch, any clue when public beta will and if it will come out? Im propbably not gonna make a mod for ages but it would be great if the beta could get some feedback from people who aren’t coders, ya know, so it doesnt become over complicated, and i cant wait for the major update >.<

Why not wait until the real update comes out.
It’s not like it will be a long wait.


Well if garry ends up being like other game developers looks at notch then your optimism will be for nothing!

It’s a closed beta, Garry normally gives out beta keys to people who have 100+ hours played But that’s his decision, Im just waiting for him to finish it up so i can Experience the full thing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there would be an open one very close to release

But then again I’m hopelessly optimistic.

i am 332 hours played no beta key LOL

Are you fucking serious?

I think he’s serious :v:

1874.5 hours myself, but only 68 in the last 2 weeks.

Beta will not be released anytime soon as far as I know, people are still reporting bugs, and ideas are still being thrown around.


Anyways, the beta is for reporting bugs and not for playing.
Also, it seems a lot of people like the OP who actually have the beta will keep reposting the same bugs without reading the sticky.

Edit: Woops, I meant in 2 weeks.


No, that’s not fixed Chessnut. 100 hours in a week, are you kidding me? It was 2 weeks, and that was even a lot. I don’t think anyone has 100+ hours in a week legitly without needing some serious help.

Well it got lowered to 50 hours.

The answer is no.

[SUP]2847 hrs[/SUP]
I dont have a beta.


No, really.

Sorry for not posting my sources, I was in gmod at the time and a little distracted. (I was commenting on how bronys are evil at the time, proof in that link)

:open_mouth: I’ll go tell CapsAdmin. I’ve directed him to the nearest medical facility in a reasonable guesstimate of where he might possibly live.

He’s been playing for over 2 years straight apparently.
18041 hours = 2.05810921 years

I hope your joking. I have about 1800 hours in gmod, and I knew I was not going to get a beta key. What makes you think your going to get it with 300 hours?

i have at least 3000 hours of playtime lol

got bored after building hundreds of contraptions

3000 Hours? When did you get gmod? lol