Will the map get full of industrial structures ? :/

Hello, just wanted to ask if the map is going to be like completely not natural? I mean you are planning new buildings all the time.
Imo the map sees much better with more untouched landscape… Tons of new buildings would destroy the “rust feeling” I think.
What’s your opinion?

If there would be more industrial areas and maybe a city the map would feel more alive imo

But so full of things… That’s the point, which differences Rust from DayZ and I play Rust because I love the difference :confused:

In the south are the Oil sheiks and in the north are the miner. I like that every biome have other idustrial buildings.

Sounds logical but I don’t think the map should lose too much nature. It should be like the legacy or now. Imo the map should really consist of nature the most and a few old relicts. Not overwhelmed of witnesses of the old time…

I don’t think the map is going to be chock full of buildings, simply because of the massive effort that would be required to do so. I think we’re going to see an increase in densely-populated areas (look at how everyone loves to build around the sphere / airport / etc) with the addition of the new dungeons, but they’re definitely not getting rid of all or even most of the natural areas.

“Overwhelmed”?! The current radtowns are the size of my living room. FB is doing great work on making radtowns into towns. Each should feel like a mini map onto itself. There is lots of space for nature but you cant expect everyone to believe that a population of a city lived in a house the size of 2 foundations.

Yeah, they are small but I think they should stay small. Should be like “Western Towns”. Let’s say up to 10 living houses and not more.

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Hope so mate :smiley: