Will The need of a perfect graphics card be fixed?

I see that msot people are having trouble with playing rust because of there graphics card. I would like to know and be happy if it were fixed because most people with accounts and have a bad graphics card cant play. if it would be fixed then more people would be playing and having less trouble.

probably yes, the game is still in alpha

Im more than 100% sure that stability and optimization issues are going to be solved as the creating of the game will continue. We can’t expect high end optimization in alpha :slight_smile:

I’m sure it will be.

I haven’t played the game yet, so would anyone mind telling me what graphics cards have problems with Rust?

Would an AMD Radeon Sapphire 7950 work? I know they are the higher end of graphics cards, but has that specific card been known to have any problems?

i’m using a gigabyte ati amd radeon hd 6670 and i have no performance problems

its a unity problem not a rust problem

it could be fixed but integrated graphics have problems with unity as far as i know