will the new engine break gmod?

on the upside we could have things like advanced gravity for spherical planets on spacebuild, along with better lighting and rendering,air resistance and other things but, im concerned about these

no dx8 might stop a minority of players (im fine, most people will think this is silly but it will happen)

the textures might get completely changed so everything comes up weird (pong and stuff)

the lua may become broke or unsuported

hl2 npcs may get more pollygons, so the skins of them may not work, same with other models/weapons

new physics might stop stuff from flying/driving well

maybe no gcf files, so things may have difficulty getting ported

it very well may become broke.

what new engine?

You don’t know anything about the “new engine”.

I don’t think Pong would run in the new engine. :v:

What is the new engine? Source Engine 2010 or something?

The Source engine is just fine for what it is. An open ended engine that is easy to modify, runs on all computers in high detail and is reliable. I’m not going to be happy if they change the engine completely and I can no longer use ‘any’ of my games with it.

The Ep3 engine that everyone has convinced themselves Valve is working on.

When GMod moved to the orangebox, there wasn’t THAT many issues. Just the usual Gmod update fuck-ups…

Oh, I see… That’ll be in a looong time though, at least a year or so… If they even make Ep3…

1: theres no proof there will be a new engine yet (im still hopeful though)

2: lets look back to the orange box engine switch, that answer it?

If a new engine comes out, then that wouldn’t effect any of the current source games unless Valve switches over selected games to their new engine. Garry wouldn’t switch to the new engine if it didn’t work with it, so there’s nothing to worry about. By the way, a new engine, or more likely, an update to the current modules, wouldn’t be a simple little patch.

when i say pong and stuff i mean that the engine might get a completely different group of shaders

oh you mean phong

I dont think valve would just throw in a new engine just like that. Valve are NOT schupit people.

also those skins people have made might go, there may be new models for npcs and weapon (rebels and combine for example) that will probably have new models with the higher polygon count that will screw the player made skins

Or what might happen is that everything will be fine. There’s no way of telling yet.

It’s going to fuck it.

On the 21st of December, 2012. Valve will release the new Half Life engine which will be so powerful, so incredible, that when Garry tries to put it into GMod the engine immediately divides by zero. The flow of electrons calculating this event immediately collide with each other, creating a rip in space time from the tiny leptonic collisions. Which immediately swallows the earth as it greedily devours matter to sustain it’s tenacious hunger.

And there will also be no cake.