Will the Official servers swap branches after......

Question was to large for title so anyways

When the experimental version of rust is finished will the official rust servers from the original version migrate over to the new version of rust.

I’m really hoping they are because that means with Easy Anti cheat the official servers will be playable again (the best time i had with rust was when everyone was on the official servers) i don’t have to deal with admins and i prefer 100% vanilla rust than i do the community servers

Once the Experimental branch is the default then, yes, it will house the official servers. After that, how long will they continue to support Legacy?

Right now the current version (which we might as well start calling Legacy now, since it will never again be updated) is already down to just a few official servers. They’ve been quietly killing them off over the last few months.

Per May 23 Devblog:
The ‘default’ version on Steam right now isn’t being updated. We’re rebooting. The version I’m posting about in these updates is on Steam under ‘experimental’. We post updates every day.

When will the reboot be default?
When there’s more people playing reboot than default we’ll make it the default. We’ll put the reboot on another archive branch so you can keep playing it if you want to.

When will that be?
A while away. While we are making real serious progress in the reboot… and we think it looks and performs better – not all the gameplay elements are in yet. We’re missing major features like AI and building. We don’t expect anyone to play it properly until those are in.

Why are you doing this? Why not just update the default?
After a few months of trying to update default and failing to update at the rate people wanted, we decided this was the way forward. The old code is very limiting in pretty much every way possible. When we originally released on Steam we expected to get a few loyal players, to update regularly and to tidy the code up as we went along. Now that 1.6 million people have bought the game we feel we need to make things happen a bit faster than that. And this is happening. Everything you see on the experimental branch has been made from scratch in the last few months."

The reason the official servers were killed off in the first place was because everyone left them as soon as a large amount of hackers came through no clipping , exploiting fall damage, etc. Easy anti cheat prevents the use of mainstream hacks which greatly lowers the risk of players interrupting legitimate play.

I expect once these two branches swap roles a good portion of the player base will give official servers a try. There will still be hackers definitely but since easy anti cheat scans memory and much else facepunch will be able to respond to exploiters over time. Im also sure some guy right when the experimental branch becomes the primary version of rust will immidiatly attempt to work around easy anti cheat but the damage they could do is much less in contrast to the past

(I see your point though)

I’m as ready for experimental to go “default” as anyone, but you’re misinformed about “the reason the official servers were killed off”-- they were still largely full (80+ players during peak time) when they started disappearing.

There were about 10-15 of them at first. Shortly after the games released the official servers were getting ddosed frequently by some random guy this knocked about 10 through about all of them out at a time. After whatever they were using patched the exploit being used many users were complaining about the large amounts of players using hacked clients. Many of these servers at 200 player slots in contrast to early release with no issues and afterwards less than a month these servers dropped from being near full all the time to 70-80 (granted it was early release so it makes sense that the servers be busy but that’s still a sharp drop) players now they are at 50 or less.

Sorry for the paragraph but the point being that they experienced such a big drop even though 80 players may be quite a bit the drop off was so large that they might as well start killing them off.