Will there be a fix for players that cant currently play?

Hey guys i just want to know aswell at the rest of the community that cant play, when will there be a fix for this i really want to play with this new update it looks really good and im excited i just want to play this awesome game if the admins or devs could share a little light on this it would be much appreciated it

Yes, they are hopefully planning on fixing it as soon as they can. They’re only human, and they probably have a life.

And you sir dont know nothing(that was a pointless reply) they are robots in disguise

Nope, you guys might as well just get refunds, because it’s never getting fixed. :v:

What do you think? This is alpha, shit breaks, it takes time to fix it. Progress is bumpy. Be patient and let the devs do their work. Also, submitting bug reports and helping provide details is a good way to help get things fixed faster.

Constructive i understand that i just wish they would share some light on the situation there is alot of players that cant play at the moment its not just me, im asking on behalf of everyone

Would you rather they tell you how they’re going to fix it, or they fix it?

Just any information would be appreciated, even just to know if they are aware you know something

Given the number of duplicate threads created in the forum, I’d say the only way they were unaware was if they were completely avoiding any ways that players could contact them to report it. I mean seriously.

It’s like a fucking nuclear bomb in this subforum every time a server goes down.