Will there be any limitations to hot reloading in S&Box?

Right now I been modifying the Zombie Survival gamemode on Garry’s Mod and something that bothers me is the limited support of hot reloading for Garry’s Mod, aka some areas of hot reloading just doesn’t reload at all or bugs out the entire thing, causing me to restart every time.
Which now makes me wonder, is there going to be or any limitations to the hot reloading mechanism on S&Box or has all the problems been flushed out for hot reloading?
Also I have a question for people who are currently making gamemodes on S&Box, if your allowed to answer it, has the hot reloading mechanism work completely well or has there been any flaws with it while working on a gamemode? Thanks!

Right now basically everything can be hotloaded. There’s some issues with visual studio on triggering it and you need the dev tools open to hotload assets. Every class has a virtual function that is called when the game hotloads. I’ve been having some issues with hotloading UI but I can fix them pretty easily with the hotload function

Usually that is caused by the lua code itself (if you are talking about lua hotloading)

According to the wiki, Garry’s Mod lua auto refresh has some limitations with it.

We’re not using Lua anymore, we’re using C#. From what I understand everything is a dynamic object so all the properties get carried over when it hotloads and fucntions are replaced, no constructors are called

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Yea I know that S&Box uses C# which is one of my favorite programming languages lol

Hotloading isn’t magic. Things are still going to break, and you’re still going to need to design around it to some extent.