Will there be more types of grenades?

Will there be more types of grenades?

The ones I would love to see is

CS gas grenade that would blur vision, make your character puke out food making you hungry, impossible to aim steady etc, would be a cool way to flush out people who are hiding.
Frag grenades Lower damage than explosive grenade but much longer impact radius
Incendiary grenade/Petrol Bombs set a place and people on fire, which also leads me to another question, will you be able to catch fire? Maybe this would lead to adding a controversial feature from Postal 2 :stuck_out_tongue: on second thought scratch that last part.

Also if someone can explain to a n00b like me what the difference between experimental and alpha is?


I sure hope not. I actually hope they remove the granades and add more “natural” stuff like molotovs only or handmade explosives.

I get what you are saying, I too would love low tech to be more the standard than the exception than it is now, of course it’s only alpha so I’m not judging the game wholly on this, just pointing out the status quo as it exist in this moment instead of just being newly spawned stuff until you get your hands on the first contemporary firearm tech usually within the first 15min of the game.

But grenades have existed for over 400 years, and more if you take the Chinese and Japanese into the equation, so grenades is not an unrealistic part of the game.

What i meant is that i rather see more “handmade” granade and explosives in general than a high tech granade.At least until they finished most of the “tiers” that they are currently working on right now.

Most of those stuff will be doable with mods so i kinda like the idea of letting this kind of stuff be made as a mod so each server will give you a diff experience based on what kind of mods they add and so on. For me the game must be as vanilla as possible just like garry mod and many other games that use mods.

About your last question : In theory there’s no difference between experimental and alpha but some people call the Legacy rust as the alpha version and experimental as the beta version. However i dont remember FP mentioning that the experimental is a beta build so it’s just rumors i think.

How about this high speed piece of gear
A throwable stone
I’m being serious, it would deal a low amount of damage, and if you manage to bean a guy in the head, you could blur their vision for a while.

i wouldnt mind seeing some more primitive explosive types.

these are viable in a low tech fashion anyway; smoke bombs(using more sulphar) rather than gas grenades, and molotovs(using low grade fuel) for the incendiary grenades. the current grenade is already a frag though;) also would love to see the c4 turned into a primitive satchel bomb;)

Experimental is the version that is not really that playable,if u are new and you really want to experience Rust go play legacy, they add and remove stuff on the exper. to see how it works and so on , when they are done the experimental will become the main rust (nope , you do not have to pay again for the game, it’s simply an update)

and that s a lie

nice link mez:)

OP, as a metaphorical approach, alpha is the sketch, beta is the concept art and release is the final image.

alpha can potentially change a lot; like reprogramming the whole thing from scratch as an experimental build.** beta** tends to be more fixed, and mostly for bugsquashing and play enhancement. its not that common for a game to change big things in beta phase. release is what we normally buy in the shops, and sometimes gets patched (really small changes) to add content or remove bugs that where missed in beta.