Will there ever be AI monsters?

PVP gets old after a while.

Dude have you ever stumbled across a wolf in the dead of night?

yeah 3 clicks with a torch problem solved.

Monsters would be overkill but group of mobs with bandit leaders (like in borderlands) in radtowns and caravans with bodyguards between POIs would be great.

Personally I think just stick with the wildlife.

Obviously they need to move better, and be fixed.


  1. increase their detection ranges
  2. make wolves sometimes roam in packs
  3. make wolves and bears tougher all round

I think the devs have said before no bipedal npcs.

I just want a low random chance that when sundown arrives the whole server hears a blood curdling scream/roar from something that lurks the map on that random night. can’t kill it but light protects you from it.

Maybe it smashes bases to get to you so light lanterns and fires to protect it? I’ll finally get to see a valley full of fully lit bases. and one massive dark shadow drifting between them looking for gaps in their defences.

A few months back, they had seriously ramped up the amount of wildlife on the map (back when they first introduced horses). I couldn’t step out of my base without first having to clear the area of multiple wolves and bears from my top floor lookout. I can’t even count how often I died to predators at night during that period. Wildlife often impacted rad town runs, raids, etc. It added a real challenge to the game.

The down side was the over-abundance of animal products that were the result of that. Within a few days, we had a full crate of meat, stacks of cloth, etc that we had no use for. I’d love to see animals like this again, but perhaps making an adjustment on how much resource is available per animal carcass to balance things out.

Making wolves roam and hunt in packs would also be nice. Lone wolves could be found here and there, but having packs of 3+ wolves roaming around together would definitely add some level of challenge and bring back the survival aspect which is severely lacking in Rust atm.

But first, they need to fix the retarded behaviour of the animal AI, make it so they can’t go up sheer cliff faces in 2 seconds, clip through landscape and structures, and fix them so the corpses can be harvested after we kill them.

Check out the Filthy Savages server, they have zombies there

I think they should add helicopter AI.

There is already monsters, most of the time they are naked and try to kill you with a rock or torch, sometimes there is better geared monsters which live together in huge bases.

I agree with pretty much everything you said.

And as a server wide event, a huge wolf pack would spawn for one day which gets atracted by light sources and movement, so twig bases would be minimum for stealthy way to avoid them.

they are