Will there ever be GPU support for the S2 Hammer compiler for S&Box?

I already tested out how long in Half Life Alyx it takes, to compile a empty box that have the size of the Source 2 World Border.

And I canceled the try after 4 hours, to compile the visible’s in a closed emtpy box of the size of the max. Source 2 map limit.

So there is my question:
Would in S&Box maybe in the future a support for GPU rendering for the Map visible’s ?
Because even with 16 Cores it takes way to long and I saw how extremly GPU rendering improve the compiling time like in example: The baking of Lighting in Engines like “Unity” takes for me only 20 seconds with the GPU instead of 20 Minutes with the CPU.

And I would like to ask if Facepunch is planning to add something like GPU rendering for the S&Box Source 2 Hammer Compiler in the future, to give the mappers a much easier and faster time?


I am surprised the HL:Alyx team didn’t already implement this. Sounds unlikely to happen since they made such a great game without it. Maybe it’s a complicated request?

It’s likely. There is an option for GPU compiling but it isn’t available atm, but it seems like FP is interested in including at some point when it works

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GPUs have a different architecture to CPUs, and it’s been a long history of hacks, apis, frameworks, and standards to turn them from graphics output into compute output. From the looks of it, valve was working on transitioning, and have a hidden ‘experimental gpu’ support, that isn’t completely functional from what I’ve heard in passing.

I’m still not sure if fracepunch are even getting source 2 engine updates from valve, and may work on it themselves once they get the time.


I think Alyx already had GPU compiling using Vulkan. We don’t have that in s&box right now because vulkan was stripped