Will there ever be more youtuber keys?

I was hoping there will be more keys for some youtubers out there not for me because well obviously im not a popular YouTuber but for some others like PewDiePie,Yogscast (They may have one and havent used it) thats pretty much it I bet a ton of you guys will dissagree with me but why not give some more out to them like 1 or 2 I am just looking for some more gameplay out there you know I have long anticipated this game and even without enough time to catch a key im fine with just watching others.

Thanks for your consideration Dev Team (If you read this).


(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky" - postal))

Please read sticky or these links before you ask :wink:


I’m not popular either but i can still read…

More game play on rust visit http://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Rust


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U beat me to it

I read it but it says there is none left for now thanks for posting it anyways tho ;D

Edit: I was thinking with other member if there is gonna be more im not asking for any keys sorry if you got this the wrong way im not good with words

if pewdiepie or the yogscast get a alpha key i will literally kill myself

i’d toxx on it but posting about your death after being dead is kinda hard

Edit: I was thinking with other member if there is gonna be more im not asking for any keys sorry if you got this the wrong way im not good with words

Pm a mod they should be able to answer your question, since it seems to be directed at them and not the community at large.

Why kill urself lol jk well I hope they get a key and I hope u get one to ;D im not an ass kisser im just nice (Sorry for my french)

holy shit lol have you even watched pewdiepie???

rape jokes are totally ok and serve to prove that the video gaming culture is friendly towards women

also i have a key teol

You just admited you have a key tool dude u might get banned sorry but keep that stuff to yourself but if this is allowed then it would be nice for me to have one

Edit: yea I watched PewDiePie you may not like PewDiePiew or yogscast but thats your opinion its alright to be open with others but if it was meant to be offensive then please dont post stuff like that

Kill this useless thread…

Its not useless it just got off topic for a sec dont be so negative so much

Imagine what would happen if pewdiepie got a key. Do you really want millions of his braindead fans flooding the forums? We already have enough idiots here

Sorry i’m not going to argue over nothing good day sir…

First of all im a fan and idiots isnt the correct word its scrubs but not all fans are “braindead” if “I” can invest in the right things and make money at 13 im not a scrub now that this has gotten out of hand I agree with RUST KING please “!TERMINATE!” the thread :slight_smile:

You’re literally a perfect example of what I mentioned in my post

You really are an angry little dude not my problem…

I’m a Pewdiepie fan, but yeah, you have a point. That is most likely true.

I did say he was right but do you think its right to call us all scrubs prob not thanks for being on both sides I geuss

Okay then, I’l just leave this post to it’s future ;3

That sounds quite funny coming from a buttflustered 13 years old