Will this computer beble to run rust

I have a dell insprion 15 laptop and i am looking to run it own low settings i dont care about lag as long as it is playable here is my laptop

you should be able to run it on low

Thank you i am going to buy it

What are you basing that on, Lupus?

I would say, with only 4 GB of RAM, an integrated graphics card with no dedicated RAM, and a 2.4 GHz processor it would REALLY struggle. I would consider going for one with at least 8 GB of RAM, and another 2GB dedicated graphics card at least.

dont buy a damn peace of shit laptop!
srsly… even my android is faster.

I used to have a comp just like that on and it rand at 20-30 fps on all low settings and i could still win most fights

Like myrothas mentioned i would for sure NOT buy this laptop if my priority is gaming. This computer will not run rust and even if it runs it would run on lowest configuration with problably <15 fps.

This is not a gaming laptop. Get a desktop instead.