Will this game be released to the Public?

In the future or a later build will Rust be released to the public? (No beta key needed)

You will be able to purchase the game in the future. At the moment it is being tested and developed still. Please be patient, you will get a chance to play in the future! :slight_smile: Hope this answers your question. Also you should try the search feature the forum offers, to see if anyone has asked the same question.

Sadly everyone want’s to be part of the alpha/beta NOW, but you can look at the glass half full and know that sometime in the future when the game is more stable and completed, you can buy it. But I still feel when it gets into the late alpha stage or beta, more people should be allowed to play it or even buy it and play as it continues to be made.

At this moment server is overloaded and lagging when 200 players on it. Playing with so many players on one server is sometimes really annoying. We need to wait, when devs will create multi-server option. I think they’ll begin open alpha then.

Be patient, they aren’t even done with the game yet. There’s so much stuff to be added and glitches to be fixed.

I think the day it is For Sale…will be a very Happy Gaming Day!