will this get me VAC banned?

It looks cool, but my friend says it WILL get you vac banned. I don’t really want that.


thats what I thought, but I can see someone getting banned for it

no but it will get you banned from every server you use it in

well, its mostly for my friends server, and, if that’s the case, its fine.

There is zero possibility of you getting VAC banned because VAC only deals with injections to the game’s exe file. It has nothing to do with Lua, in fact it has no idea what Lua is.

It won’t get you VAC Banned, but these hacks will trigger instabans on some servers with custom LUA Anticheats


You also forgot to mention that there is no VAC in garrysmod.

There is VAC in GMod. It just doesn’t do much.

“Much”?? It doesn’t do anything at all lol.
A friend of mine had his steam account hijacked, and got it back with a VAC ban hammer on both source engine and hl engine games. Gmod is still unaffected however.
Since his account is worthless, he even tried injecting detected modules such as old versions of CE and etc… VAC didn’t do anything about it

yeah, there are 2 games, gmod and sumthin else, aren’t affected by VAC…