Will this run rust?

**Hello , I’m currently on Mac Os x and am getting a new PC for Xmas and I’d like to know how well and how high it can run this game.
Motherboard: MSI Z87-G41-PCMate ATX Motherboard
Processor:Intel Core i5 4670K Quad Core
GFX Card: MSI Radeon R9 280X
RAM memory: Corsair 8Gb (2x4)
Os: Windows 8.1 standard 64bit edition

Thank you! :dance:

A Troll Post? Or Bragging? Or Are you being Legit? lol.

When you come from Mac os x you don’t know what is/is not good anymore.

Well, R9 280X can run Battlefield 4 on Ultra (1080p)… so yeah, you will play Rust very well.


And the other configs aren’t that important. My friend runs BF4 with a Core 2 Quad… what makes the difference is the GPU. (hurr durr so your saying I can play on a pentium III?)

Thanks. No more posts needed. :dance:

Hardly bragging rights

I’m not buying a six thousand dollar PC so I don’t feel that I could brag even if I wanted to.
It’s just that some people are experiencing some problems with pretty beefy set ups.

I don’t know why but pepoles always have minimum 4 titan sli or 12 7990crossfire and 6 processor, but you only have this? pff.

I know right! Why am i so hard done by!

Is this a prebuilt, or are you building this yourself?

Also, how much is this costing you? Out of curiosity.

I’m building this myself actually.
This was recommended to me by flayne: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/269b9
I’m buying all of this on Amazon , and the graphics card is a bit more expensive on Amazon so I’m paying around 800 pounds.

Oh yeah, Flayne’s builds are really good usually. I’m actually going to be building one suggested by him as a replacement to my laptop for Christmas.

Good luck on that :dance:

Dude, I’m frankly pissed off with all these stupid posts you’ve been pasting on all the decent contributing posts. It’s annoying you know…

You should probably be able to run Minesweeper.

So funny :dance: Not… :suicide:

Bragging about what? It’s the average computer.

To Some Dude, To Some…

I like it how you are so pompous. Not.

Seriously, an i5, not an i7? -_-, Also, Windows 8!? and you went for a 280x, not a 290x or Nvidia…
You fail at life, I have a Nvidia GTX 780Ti OC 3gb model in the post :slight_smile: