Will this VPS be able to host a GMoD server?

So, I’ve been looking around at a few hosts, however this one has caught my eye.
It’s from hosthatch.com

Is this enough to host a server with about 25 players on it peak, sandbox, and 100-200 addons? Thanks for any help.

EDIT: I also have a choice of another one, not sure if it would be better because of the CPU

100-200 addons what the fuck

Alright, some of them are really just Lua and playermodels. We plan on FastDL’ing them

That VPS would work fine.

Mind your lua overhead.

That’s good to hear, I just edited my post with another one. Would that be a better choice? I’m not sure just because the low RAM

multiple cores will not improve performance

That’s what I thought. Thanks for the help.