Will this VPS run a gmod server?

Disk space: 15GB RAID10
Bandwidth: 500GB
Dedicated RAM: 400MB
Burst RAM: 512MB
IP Addresses: 1

Will it run ?
Thanks for helping

It depends. If you’re looking for 11-16 players, then that setup is pretty good.

RAM is too low. And judging by those specs, the CPU will be a piece of shit aswell. So, no.

You’ll need atleast 1GB RAM, and the memory usage might even go over 1GB.

If I could point you in the right direction if you are intrested in buying a new VPS I would go with NFO I have been with them for a month and the service is great.

…not really…

the CPU is the limiting factor with SRCDS, I have yet to see a single instance use more than 600MB of RAM

if you’re using more than 1GB of RAM with SRCDS then you have something seriously wrong

Faster cpu and faster ram should be good.

There is no reason to have that raid array unless your running other things on the server.

Indeed, considering it’s limited to 512mm.

I’ve had the same thing on Windows aswell. If the uptime is over 12 hours without crashes, the memory usage starts to get quite big.

I think my record is 1.3GB when the server was almost 24 hours without a crash. Apparently srcds/something doesn’t have that good memory flushing.

You’re doing something very wrong because I’ve had a DarkRP up for like 108 hours and it’ll be using 500MB of RAM, maybe 600MB

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actually I think it was more like 120+ hours

Map size also boosts up quite a bit, rp_evocity_v33x took 350MB on the server, just to load it.

he runs a build server

Unless you’re doing shit that you shouldn’t be doing, aka memory leaks then you will never reach over 300MB with just a build server.

Are you guys seriously telling me that if I have bandwidth, electricity, a decent CPU, and 1GB+ RAM, I can run a GMod server on my own rig?

brb, starting my own TTT server

Don’t think I am doing anything special. Just using mysqloo and gatekeeper as modules.

Unless lua scripts can do memory leaks, then I suppose I could be doing something in a shitty way.

When you’re looking at getting an openvz VPS you should always get a 50/50 split between dedicated RAM and burst RAM.

Anything over 400MB dedicated RAM will be fine for your needs though. CPU and disk IO are two things you won’t know until you have the VPS though.

I’m looking for a cheap VPS that i could run a Darkrp Server on, I kind of want to revive my old community and maybe host a small forum website from it.

I’ve ran 32 players full with a 512MB VPS with no lag what so ever, you’ll be fine.

I recommend RamNode with the Facepunch coupon.

one word yes