Will this work with the FastDL?

Hello Facepunch,

I wanted to know if I, for example, extract workshop addons, sync the textures etc on the fastdl, and delete the folders, but keep the .gma files, will the fastdl actually still download them, and link them with the given addon? Or wont that work? Since I dont want duplicates in the addons folder, and some addons have to stay in the workshop since they update often. Plus I wanted to ask, when I sync everything, except a map, will it still download everything from the FastDL, and then download the missing stuff from the Workshop? If not, is it possible to do so? And if, how?


That would work, but when you join you download the workshop files, so it would be useless.

I know, but when people download the workshop files without subscribing(since most kids are too lazy for that), they see errors, so my only question is, if when it downloads everything through the workshop, and the fastdl is set, will the materials work THEN, and will it still download missing content like maps.

I suppose if you extract the models/materials/sounds etc. and put them in the right folders then set them up w/ FastDL, it would work. But why not just make a custom chat command to bring them to the collection and add the content on a WorkshopDL? It’s much easier and time efficient.

As stated above, nearly everyone in gmod, or overall on steam, cant read, we had it literally being spammed in chat to type in a command so they’ll be redirected to the errors, even had it in the motd & in the loadingscreen, yet they asked us how to fix the errors they see.

It would work, but then you mine as well get rid of the workshop content.