Will VAC carry over?

My friend has a VAC ban on DOD:S, if he buys Rust is that going to carry over?

No, Vac ban is only tied to the game he got banned. He will be able to play Rust.


It’s per game engine!!
DoD is based on source ( valve own ) engine, so he can not play VALVE games… Rust is not source engine game… so there is no problem!!
If he’s scared and uncertain … why not just get a new fresh account? :smiley:

Yeah I told him to just do it on his alternative account, instead of taking the risk.

He likes to get banned from things, he’s even banned from Facepunch

no worries there lol … I got temp banned 3 times before I learned my way around here lol…

He’s perma’d. lel

He can play on every game but DOD:S

jeez, just delete the browser cache and you can register again…
people can use hacks but are too dumb to handle a simple browser! golfclap!

Your steam account doesn’t appear to have any vac bans but I couldn’t help but notice someone with your exact same name registered on a site called steam-hacks. Some people might call that a coincidence. I wouldn’t…but some would.