Will we ever see a completely new, reworked GMod?

I just had this idea last night and I spent quite a lot of time thinking about it,

Would it be possible to ever have a completely new Garry’s Mod? Let’s say, something that uses a totally new physics and graphics engine, has the possibility for HUGE maps and has integrated coding for all the stuff we consider to be troublesome with the current game engine, such as perfectly solid constraints, bug-free parenting, no speed limit, functional high RPM’s for wheels any many many more. Better graphics combined with exponentially bigger maps (or even worlds) would open a whole new field for fast vehicles and RP-possibilities.
The physics engine would not only emulate mechanics, but maybe some more niche-aspects like electricity, thermodynamics and aerodynamics? Who knows.

The problem I see is the huge amount of work required to create something like this, and the funding part comes in play as well — It would be a risk to take up a project like this and expect it to be popular. We have Minecraft; it’s not very much comparable to GMod, I know that, but it has shown the potential popularity that sandbox-type games can achieve. They just need to be accessible enough for new players to enjoy it, and deep enough to allow more advanced players to build complex creations.

So, in addition to the question in the title, what would you personally love to see in a theoretical, new GMod?

More efficient networking, god damn thats one of the most annoying things in Gmod as it is, two vehicles moving at once and pings spike hell, regardless of what server you’re running it on or just how much bandwidth the server has.

By this i mean two heaps of props welded together moving around, not simple vehicles.

this would be great . Stargate Carter’s Pack addon would be very useful on huge maps

Valve i want this!

You know that Valve didn’t make GMod, right?

oh yea it started as a sourcemod

It’s still a mod for Source, really. Made by Garry and still maintained by Garry.

but you dont need hl2 i got sourcemod ZPS because i have gmod lol

You still need a Source (Valve) game to fire up GMod as you need Source SDK, I believe.

Parenting helps this a lot as you can have tons of props moving without causing lag, but you still can’t have 4-5 vehicles at about 100-200 props moving on most regular servers without spiking a ton.

Valve obviously didn’t create GMod from the scratch, but I don’t see it impossible them take it up, like they did with DotA 2…

Not completely unthinkable.

Some weird HL3 mod for £50 in 10 years :wink:

no wiremod?

I would like to see a physics engine that is maintained/not left to cause havoc for linux servers for almost 2 years

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and doesn’t lag with constraints

I’ve been working on this for a couple years now, and it’s catching speed fast, but it’s still on the Source engine: http://code.google.com/p/hl2sb/

Resolves a lot of issues developers and gamers have with GMod as it is now, even in Beta 13.

So, perhaps.

GTA IV’s Rage Engine with Garry’s Physics and Valve’s Content? Interesting results we may see.

Nice work, it’s nice to see there are people trying this out

Thank you. :smile:

wow, after reading i am really imagining a hole word with gmod players, just think of it, 200-300 players on one server in a huge city, how cool would that be? damn…

think of the possibilties of gangs, the cops etc, how big groups could be what houses you could buy

Yeah but parenting doesn’t work so well when you want to use your vehicles with say ACF, and have a battle of some sort. Can’t exactly parent the armor on a tank, normal cars sure but tanks no.

Yeah. Let’s hope for either better networking or some optimization. Would love to see that.

Indeed, We shall see! Theres definitely some weird bottleneck somewhere cramping our stYLE