will, when and why will you Wipe?

Due to Rust releasing on steam on the 11th [likely? ^^]

I think its a good idea for servers to choose between wiping at patch or wiping at launch.

personally my server will be doing the early access special and wiping at patch Only.

we were gonna wipe at launch aswell but i was guessing early Jan lol.

There will be a nice rush of previous players eager to gain a headstart not just for themselves but for thier mates buying the game at launch.

We are anticipating 50-100 At patch and 100+ at launch for our server.

Are the 3 main server groups US,ASIAN and AUS atm with players still on? got some US players doing well on my server ;d.

if anyone hates this post, i dont care im excited!

May the moist be with you.

(User was banned for this post ("search before you post" - postal))