Will work on server for free!

I have lots of time off, and i love to run, and manage servers, so if you need a tech, hit me up :http://steamcommunity.com/id/elliotfox/ or just send me a message! I mainly do rp,sandbox,zombie stuff, and some others. I can also make you a website or forum, but if it costs me money to make, its gonna cost you. I have lots of experience doing this. So, yea, i will hopefully hear from someone.
Elliot Fox (Not the real one)

Forums don’t cost money to make. Unless you are retarded.

Websites on the other hand… no… not that either.

I think he means purchasing a domain and webhosting if not, probably money for his services.

lol ur so dumm i can make dis myself

-Every 12 year old in the world

will work for food

will play games for food and money

Do you hear it?

It’s the sound of ME NOT GIVING A FUCK.

Wow, you’re cool /sarcasm

Stupid trolls gtfo the internet. chad PM on youtube

Why are you still here?

this actually made sense ?


no I don’t hear it

I’m legally deaf why would you joke about hearing things