Will you keep the game forever?

Once you have a key for the game, is it only available in alpha or do you have the game permanently? Just like Minecraft, once you get the game in early alpha or beta, you get it forever. So can you keep the game even though they released the game for the public to buy?

I believe it’s kept forever, or at least up to release.

If I remember correctly, Garry did say something like that.
I could be wrong.

They made a tweet that stated something about this, It said how players that have access to alpha will keep it

"Will people who are in the Alpha keep the Game?

It’s likely that they keep the game. In a Twitter-Statement, the Rust Team said: “people in the alpha will keep it”. This makes Alpha keys even more valuable and is one of the reasons why only a small amount of keys is given out. "

Source: http://playrustwiki.com/wiki/Frequently_Asked_Alpha_Questions#Will_people_who_are_in_the_Alpha_keep_the_Game.3F

I don’t understand, why doesn’t anyone ever search something before making a pointless thread? :suicide:

Sorry I’ll keep that in mind next time I have questions about Rust, I’ll look at the wiki because since it’s in early alpha i thought they didn’t make a wiki yet sorry for this pointless thread.