Willing to make some 3D models (specially weapons)

Hello there!

I’m kind of a noob to Source 2, but I have spent many hours using Asset B̶u̶i̶l̶d̶e̶r̶ Forge and maybe someone needs some low poly models (.obj, .fbx …). I can’t rig them tho, the program does not support it.

Some examples:

(Unfortunately, these are not available, I intend to use them in a commercial project, but I’m willing to make more if you ask).

“Spike” rifle

-How many barrels?

Asymmetric laser thing because why not



cheers, although I suggest you start learn a program like Blender instead of whatever asset builder is, if you want to make models for a game you’ll have to do a lot of accommodations based on the engine, which are most likely not supported on “asset builder”.

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Yeah, learning Blender is one of my TO-DOs for this summer, I understand Asset Forge is kinda limited (why the heck did I wrote builder?).

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