[WILLING TO PAY] - Need a mapper to convert gm_bigcity to a darkrp map

Basically, I have a server that is also owned by two other people. The server is called Danger Zone Gaming - dangerzonegaming.enjin.com - and we’ve recently started up after leaving our owner positions at ForceCommunity due to the owner being a dick.

We’re struggling to get players, and that’s mainly because we accidently bought a US host while most of us are in or near UK timezones - But we’re moving soon!

As well as changing to a UK host, we’d like to add a hint of uniqueness and be the first sever to host a gm_bigcity map that is converted to work well in DarkRP.

This basically means that we need someone to edit gm_bigcity to have ownable doors and all the rest that makes a good DarkRP map.

Sound like your kind of thing? Join our Teamspeak and we’ll fill you in on all the details of this project.

IP: sosclan.redirectme.net:9988
Password: NovemberRain

Join the DarkRP channel.

Do you have the authors vmf of bigcity?

Nope, I assume you can get that from somewhere though??


Scratch that, I can extract it.

Nobody is going to decompile it for you, so this isn’t happening unless you get the original vmf from the creator.

I can decompile it myself. Join the TS3 if you’re interested.

No, you don’t understand. Decompiling fucks up the brushwork of the map and should only ever be done to see how something works, plus it’s disrespectful to edit the work of someone without their permission.

Well, to make the map work on a 40-player server, it’ll have to be edited the fuck out of until it barely even resembles gm_bigcity anymore.

Gm_bigcity was already at the limits. there’s no way you are gonna make that into an rp map. It’s not a matter that we don’t want to do it, it’s a matter of we CAN’T. Plus if you edit t to not look like bigcity, then what’s the point of telling us to edit it?

Because I didn’t come to this realisation until after making the post.

Then maybe you need to request a new city map to your specifications, maybe after reading up the limitations of source.

here are the reasons why gm_bigcity isn’t suitable for RP’ing
-Decompiled, you will see plenty of triggers,gray textures,(optimization brushes?)
-its big
-you dare to steal and edit someones work

that is all

Bigcity really just wouldn’t work. Like everyone else has said, it is massive and it belongs to someone else. On top of that, you have a ton of static buildings. I imagine you want buildings you can enter and pretend are houses and businesses and stuff like that. Bigcity would basically take your computer and throw it out a window if you tried to add that. Basically, you are going to need a brand new map.

I spend a year on RP_Jorpakko and people would rather decompile and modify bigcity?

funny how that works.

He can’t be the “first darkrp server to host” jorpakko though. I doubt he would be with big city either.

as far as I recalled, garry still hasn’t fixed portal 2 or L4D2 mounting.

You have to remember that the average age of a Garry’s Mod player is between 8-16. Most of them are idiots and really don’t care for anyone but themselves.

so the moment people turn 17 they will appreciate how beautiful black and purple textures laid out under glowing red errors are? okay. :downs:

I seriously can’t imagine you reaching even 5 people

what a sad request too, its roleplay, use your god damn imagination. Build your OWN buildings and actually roleplay!

Blame Garry

blame garry, but don’t expect people to use your map if it has those texture issues man. despite how awesome your map is, it needs a fix!