Willing to pay someone to help me set this Gmod basewars server up

I want to set up a basewars server, but im in the army and i don’t have alot of time on my hands.
I have alot of ideas i want to do for the server, and as soon as i find someone who can code the models onto the server and set up basewars for me, i would be willing to pay you…we will come up with a price by contacting each other, and talk about my ideas. Please post here if your interested.
Also i would also pay you in the future for other ideas i come up with in the future.

Also i want to know if basewars was ever released or if its stolen content.
Thanks in return. - Travis

What sort of work do you want doing?

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Im pretty much looking for someone to do this project, add maps… and add models get the server to the correct settings.

Not gonna lie, i’ve fallen away from the game world… used to be apart of it when i had lots of free time when i was a kid and i was in this clan hellzone for a very long time…still in it and its going on 10 years… i want to give something big back to it so i payed for a server and i figured i could figure out how to get the server up and running with the game modes and all the models, but its alot harder then it looks and i dont want to fail so thats why im here.

again wrong forums use the help and support thread.