Willing to pay up to $12 USD for some easy GMod model work. Need by end of week.

I have a model already made that needs some easy revisions, I just lack the knowledge involved in making ‘attachments’ and skins for GMod models. Please contact me for details, we’ll discuss further, and talk in dollar signs if you’re interested.


If its just attachments and skins, it would probably only take 5 minutes to do it yourself, and youd save money.

This. Listen to this guy OP.

I would, but I have no clue how. I downloaded blender once and was confused, and couldn’t even open the mdl file. I’ve looked up tutorials and whatnot but couldnt find anything helpful. That’s why I wanna pay someone who already has all the programs and knowledge to do it instead of having me break things for three hours.

Call me pessimistic.

Edit: if you wanna link me to a tutorial or something for editing models for gmod, with some explanation of attachments/skins I’d be appreciative. :slight_smile: as of right now i have NO IDEA how any of this works.

blender is terrible for beginners

in fact, even professionals may find it confusing. It’s more for post-creation work.

Well what should I use? My only 3d modelling experience is MasterCAM, which I’m actually certified in. I remember it had a beautifully simple, mathematical interface.

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I’ve been fiddling with milkshape 3d but it doesn’t seem to have what I need to make attachments, nor does it even want to open the .mdl files I have.

I may be able to help depending on what it is you need done.

First off you need to decompile the .mdl files to .smd files in order to open them.

With the various programs I’m clueless as how to use and complexity of what I’d eventually like done, I think this is best left to someone I can pay a few bucks to do for me.

Bump- still need help.

So what do you need done exactly
Also what sort of model is it

You still need help? With what? Thought I already made your modifications. Didnt get paid either :frowning:

Use 3DS Max.

The program you choose is probably 90% personal preference. With 3ds max being preferred in the industry over blender, that’s probably the only real perk worth noticing. If the program has the plugins you need and you’re comfortable using it, then who gives a shit what program you use? Most of the fancy additions 3ds max has probably won’t have much of an effect on someone fiddling with Source models. I personally prefer 3ds max but I haven’t seen anybody have absolutely terrible results just because they used blender. In any case, learning a modeling program in a week is probably a bad idea no matter what program you use.

Anyway, you could probably get away with this without using any modeling program at all. Attachments are defined in the QC and unless you collapse a bone into an attachment, you can just create attachments off any bone and manipulate the offset / rotation to your liking.