Willy's Jeep

Been posting a lot of pictures in the WiP thread for contraptions but I finally finished the video for it so it’s time for a thread with both the video and sexy pictures.





A lot of the cars features are borrowed from other cars that I’ve made in the past, like the steeringwheel and pedals. There’s also some new stuff like emergency lights (which I sadly never came to in the video) and full third person view with zoom.
Time for the list of shit this Jeep can do.
-It can pull 1.2 tons of stone,
-It can pull 8.1 tons of trailer,
-Topspeed is about 62 KM/h,

Oh god I love the third-person view

When is it going to be out?

I’m not sure if I’m going to release it. I usually just make my cars and film them, then enjoy them for a while. In all honesty, I would release some of my cars if people wouldn’t blatantly steal them and tell their friends that they made them. I’ve seen it happening with other peoples vehicle before. If I do release it at some point, it’ll probably have a permanent watermark on the side of it to stop that. And glad to hear you like it. Took quite a lot of time to make.

Seems fun to drive. The steering wheel is a bit big compared to the size of the car.

You should smoothen out the props in the back, they are alittle uneven - use physbuild mode and use the snap angle thing, other than that DAUM SEXY

Thanks, and yeah. The rear was a lot more messy originally but I smoothened it out as much as possible while still keeping the proplimit low. If I had to make the small details to smoothen it, it would quickly add up to about 10 props.

Quite possibly one of the most detailed vehicles I’ve seen someone produce. Especially with the steering wheel turning. I’d personally like to try this out, but I understand your fear of people stealing your shit. I’ve already seen my Humvee going around and people saying they made it, hence I don’t like to release my vehicles much anymore.

Mind sharing how exactly you made it lag-free while still being able to use accurate axles and turning radius? I know parenting a lot of times makes this impossible.

Holy shit. That’s fucking epic. What’s your suspension layout?

And you have no idea how envious I am of you jackpody. If you narrate it sounds like Top Gear. If I narrate something it sounds like “truck got stuck”

I’ve seen it in action, and I must admit that I’ve never experienced similar… it does have some offroad
flaws, but when you look at everything else put into it it just fades into nothingness. I am in AWE Jackpody.

PS. my beetle handles better offroad, but can’t even begin to compare in anything else.

Thanks, glad to hear you people liking it.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to say. It’s a ton of PHX props parented to a gate. Then the gate welded and parented to a chassis of 2 props. One rather big prop below and a thinner one above. The below one is for the ropes that holds the wheels and ballsockets, the upper one is to hold elastics / hydraulics, depending on what sort of suspension stiffness and springyness I want. Also nice Humvee, I remember seeing it on GMod.org.

It’s a very simple wishbone suspension using elastics to keep it springy but still sort of soft. I normally use hydraulics as they tend have another sort of springyness but elastics worked very nicely for this one. MakeSpherical also liked the wheel prop, seems to have 80% of the sphere on the outside and 20% on the inside. It does make it haver a larger contact radius outside the actual wheel but it keeps it stable when turning.
And I thought my narrating in this one was horrible. I was having a cold when I recorded the lines for it so it sounded sort of forced (you could hear it when I was talking about the headlights and taillights, very rough).

Hah, thanks. And yeah, it does have its flaws when it comes to the actual offroading. It’s especially the fact that Wheel2 collision box hits terrain outside the wheels model that it never should have hit. It’s also sort of light-weight (1.2 tons) so grip can be a problem too. It doesn’t seem bad in terrain though, if you drive it in regular terrain like gm_buttes’, it’s just fine and dandy. And I love your beetle, I still want to put my dick in your fancy speedometers and tachometers.

I’ll be finishing my Beetle tonight I think, if I don’t die of tiredness or so. But I’ll try to add most of all car like functions, and I’ll implement my system for button functionality.


Original willy’s had a double live axle and cart springs. I am disappoint. though that suspension is still sexy.

Well, considering most people on here aren’t engineers, I’d say it’s pretty fucking good regardless.

actually nobody here is an engineer, just builders who know their shit.

In the video you talk about the headlights and i lolled at the right front wheel wobbling and thought he did that on purpose to make it look more second handish.

I actually noticed the wheel wobblyness it had, never thought it would come handy though haha. It’s dupe rape from adv_dupe1, spawning it with adv_dupe2 and there’s none. Oh well, forgot about that when I was shooting the video.


Ballsocketing the wheels at -180/180,-0.1/0.1,-0.1/0.1 and hten doing the same ballsockets with the -0.1/0.1 reversed to 0.1/-0.1 seems to help. Ballsocketing the wheels together also helps, as the natural inward sag due to the ballsocket tolerances is compensated for by the other wheel.

Oh thanks and about that, the wheels do look sort of lonely and in need of some axle. Actually I realized something right now. The suspension is not even there on my pictures. the hell, is that the camera tool making the ropes invisible?

Bad practice to use ropes…

I’ve always used ropes for my suspension (wishbone) as that’s definitely the best way to do it that I know of. It’s just that they apparently didn’t draw in some of the pictures.