Win 10 + New update?

Since I updated to devblog 72 my game crashes when launching everytime, anyone else?

Same case with window 8. Windows 7 is working.

no crash here

Since the update my game keeps freezing every couple of minutes making the game unplayable tried toning the graphics down and still the same. Before the update i was running on max settings with a steady 50 fps also it takes about 5 minutes to join a server

Are you running SLI gfx? My friend had the same issue. Most likely they will release a graphics driver patch for SLI. I run single card and I get improved performance.

Is anyone running Win10 with RUST – and if so is it working well?

I recently upgraded to windows 10, and despite the fact that i had an overall performance increase, i had a drastic increase in lag spikes, and after about 20 minutes of playing rust, it becomes unplayable. I made a thread earlier about it here:

I also upgraded to ten but the lag spikes were present before the upgrade. Not game breaking for me but a slight annoyance as the dont last very long on my machine. So I don’t think the lag spikes are windows ten specific, they started for me about ten days ago or so. Maybe a bit longer.

Win 10 here and no problems at all…
I’m using a single card ( gtx 760 )

I think one of my drivers are causing the lag, but i cant seem to figure out which…

Also using Windows 10 with sli 980’s. No problems at all apart from the usual fps spikes occasionally.

Did you try deleting the client.cfg (or whatever it is called)?

Win 10 and rust for months here, no problems.