Win32 dedicatedserver in debug version?

Hi i post for something that tired me and probability lots of us?
Garry say in his tutorial tread server, there’s a 32bits version compiled in debug folder of server experimental for sure, then
is someone can run a server on a 32bits OSes? or is it “fake/false/wrong” information from Garry tutorial? he talk too about somes profiler unity but what that mean if someone know, or someone from the support? any option for launch?

Regard Bil

The Unity profiler is for debugging the server. It’s nothing you will use to host a server to play on.

Thx what about 32 bits compiled for running on 32bits OSes do you know something if its possible like Garry say?

Thx for answer

I’m pretty sure the only 32-bit server is for Windows. Linux is 64bit only if I recall.

I have not attempted to run the 32bit debug server, so I can’t tell you any more than what garry said about it.

:slight_smile: Okay i don’t know where to find linux server version but its good to know or wine emulator idk but i’m not interesting about thoses tread at time.
I hope there is an issue to win32 server launch but alway fail on my tests. That is i try to found cause i have a win32 server computer. I guess he did not have time to go see what’s being said here: / So if someone know better about that its welcome…
Many thank anyway for your return Elix :slight_smile: and fastest ^^
Regard Bil

Up !!

Hiy’a hey support facepunch?
any way to launch as Win32 mode server please?

Up please any support ADMIN?

Where is the 32 bits server debug like garry wiki tutorial say please? SUPPORT ARE YOU HERE? or must i write to facestudio for that thing?

Regard Bil

Have you even looked at the folder structure?


Hey Senjes are you facepunch support? because i talk about that as long time for obtaint a reponse and please i’m tired to try to talk in english because it’s not my natural language to explaint what i ask you know? so please try to understand with your brain (help translate in brain :/) or read what i already ask for understand the tread tittle ok !!! ans YES !!! i know the structure as you say and as i talk and as Garry tuto wiki talk!!!
for make short, do you see any 32 bit executable server into the debug folder you? it’s not an 32 bit but a x64 executable !!! plus i had there is only 64 .dll steam in there and i want to launch as 32 bits OS version not legacy ok that? i talk about experimental version !! like wiki tuto say in /debug folder there is a 32bit compiled !!! but there is not or it’s a fake? or what else support?


I’m no Facepunch support, so I will leave your topic.

no facepunch Support in Support forum? or then any admin forum to support forum?

The 32bit debug server is meant to talk to the Unity profiler and debugger the devs have. You’re not a dev. You’re not using their tools. And I’m pretty sure you don’t have access to the Unity 5 Beta, which the devs do and are using.

The debug server is for other purposes.

Bonjour, Hello elixwhitetail

ok, we must install a 64 bit OS and activate licence just for an experimental server? i think it’s fact of money fact buggy and sad,stupid and silly thing to do…
but you not going to do nothing to change you have not the power for do it still if you want to do it, thank to have lost your time and answer me as stupid question too.


This is an alpha, and convenience is not the #1 thing the developers are focusing on right now. They’re busy making the game work.

I’d like to be clear: I am not a developer, I don’t make Rust, and I do not speak for the developers themselves, only my opinions.

I imagine that there will be more options in the future, and things should also be more stable in the future.

Also, there is no need to sign your posts. We know you’re Bil, your name is to the immediate left of everything you’ll ever post on here.