WinAmp Interface (Control WinAmp in game!)

[release]WinAmp Interface v1.9.13

Last Update: 16 January 2008


WinAmp Interface is a package containing a binary module with its source code, and a Lua script that allows interaction with WinAmp from within Garry’s Mod.

To use it, simply bind a key to ‘winamp’ and you are set to go!

Installation is easy too, just move the ‘garrysmod’ folder to your own. Do NOT drop this in your addons folder. It will not work!

WinAmp Interface is exactly what it says it is, an INTERFACE. Meaning it is not a stand alone mp3/media player. You need WinAmp installed AND RUNNING for this to work.

Before asking questions in this thread, please read the FAQ, installation instructions, and usage instructions. Located in this thread.

If you ask a question that is answered here I will probably not answer, and rate you dumb.


  1. WinAmp 5.0 or newer (MUST BE RUNNING!)
  2. Garry’s Mod 10
  3. At least 6 brain cells
  4. The ability to read instructions
    • Play/Stop/Next/Previous/Pause buttons
    • Seek bar/slider
    • Volume control slider
    • Current song information (bitrate, samplerate, track length, etc)
    • Complete functional playlist
    • Chat announcement (Even though they don’t care)
    • HUD Overlay
    • And much more!
    [/release][release]Enhancements yet to come:
    • Playlist editing
    • Complete equalizer


Q: My GMOD crashes when I try to use this
A: You probably do not have the most recent version of the WinAmp Interface, try downloading and updating.

Q: I can open the GUI but it does not update anything, what is wrong?
A: You NEED WinAmp ( ) You need WinAmp, Garry’s Mod 10, and my plugin installed AND all running for it to work.

Q: Will this work on multiplayer servers, even if I am not hosting it?
A: Yes, this is completely client side and should remain unaffected.

Q: If I host a server will everyone download this and be able to use it?
A: No

Q: Why can’t you add feature ‘X’ to this?
A: Ask for it, depending on the complexity of it I may do it. I am sort of limited in what I am able to do inside gmod. I will need to write a WinAmp plugin (something separate) to add some stuff which may come later (visualizations baby!)

Q: What do I do with the ModSource folder?
A: That is the source code to the binary module, if you do not know what that is you do not need it. You can just delete it, or print it all off and fold it into a paper crane for all I care.

Q: Can I use your module to make my own Lua scripts?
A: Sure, to learn more about the API read the Module.WinAmp.ReadMe.txt if you have any idea what you are doing it should be easy.

Q: Does this work with Foobar2k?
A: Not by itself no, I have heard that a bunch of the features work if you install the foo_winamp_spam plugin.
This is available here:

Q: Why don’t you make a FooBar2k/iTunes/Windows Media Player/etc version of this, is it that hard?
A: No, not hard. I just do not use any of those media players, it would be a big waste of my time to bother making one.

Q: Does this support streaming media?
A: Ummmm… WinAmp does support streaming media, so yes it does. I will try to add an ‘Open URL’ feature later.

Q: Can you teach me that crazy moon language you use in that ModSource folder?
A: Sorry no, I am not a teacher and I do not have the patience for it.

Q: Why did you rate me dumb on the forums?
A: Because you are and I am really mean.

I had to type here because apparently my message above was short!

I love you.

When I get my Gmod up and running, I’ll give this a shot with my foobar.

Will be using this plugin:

That won’t work very well.

True, the last 3 functions I use. try foo_winamp_spam (linked in the FAQ in this thread)

Will do. The other one, I think used to have an entry, but now it’s gone in the new Foobar version.

3 questions.

  1. Does this work with the update?
  2. Can you now add/remove songs without needing to minimize Gmod and be in Winamp?
  3. Does this have an option it will save if you want to keep the HUD off when starting a new game/loading a save game/joining a server.
  1. Yes, it would not work UNTIL the update. This has been being used in the beta for a while now.
  2. No, not yet. (Coming soon)
  3. Yes, all the options are saved.

Thanks for the reply. But there’s an issue with the Shuffle and Repeat buttons.
Once you turn them on, they stay on.
As for the Shuffle, when you turn it “on”, it disables the shuffling of the playlist and keeps it like that.

I will look into it, thanks for the report.

This is pretty nice, though a bit redundant since Winamp has a global hotkey function. Also, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who listens to Yoko Kanno’s GITS tracks while playing gmod.

Good work as usual, and I still approve of that playlist. Get the Solid State Society OST as well if you can - there’s some good music on that one.

I am aware of that. But if you noticed it does a bit more then just play/pause/stop/next/etc/etc.

You can see the songs, your playlist, you have a HUD, an announce feature. So calling it redundant is just plain wrong.

I do have it.

Just Awesome, I use this everytime I play GMOD. Thank you, your work is appreciated.

Finally took the time to update. The plugin works great with foo_winamp_spam.

Good to hear.

For some reason i can´t get this to work. I have installed mods/addons before and it its correctly installed (Installed the “addons” and “lua” folders in the root of garrysmod), but when i have installed and create server, bind the word: “Winamp” to a key, and press the key it says:" unknown command: Winamp" in console, what could be the problem? the old versions worked fine before the update to the gmod came… please help, i really like this addon, and it would be nice if could use it again =)

So… Last night i started to look into the problem, and noticed something else odd. I was missing some other addons too, and when i went to look in to the game folders i saw the problem. It wasn’t anything big, i had putted the addons to a wrong folder. i don´t know why, but, i guess it happens :D.

I hate it when people rate the simple and dumb things like that hound melon while others, like you, are working their ass of with C++ and binary modules.

It’s about the idea. 99% of those who download your content won’t care about how well it’s made or how long you spent time making your mod.

It does not bother me, I am not here for ratings.

I just don’t think that people realize things like this exist. They don’t initially understand what this plugin or my other plugin can do so they just don’t bother with looking into it or downloading it.