winchester 101

Could someone possibly make a view model for this winchester 101 model for anabelle.

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the requests" - PLing))

Your in the wrong section.
I made a model for one of these a while back but i never finished. I still need to add a lot of detail and of course texture it.

sorry, what section should this be in? I just like the over under shotgun model in this and was hping someone could make a 1st person viewpoint model for it.

Look up, there’s a Requests section on the front page.

Hey, me too! :v:

I lost the source file and only have screenshots of it, though.

Model/skin requests.


You’ve been here since 2008, you should be able to see subforums by now.

I am sorry I will post in the right section this tme.

So would it be possible for someone to make one, or perhaps does one exist already? Or perhaps is there already an over under shotgun model of the same style as the one depicted for gmod already?

I dont know. I kidna wanted this for annabelle viewmodel. I meant the HL2 gun, not a GMOD Swep.

so…no then?

ok, then would it be possible to use the toz 34 in stalker as the view model?