Winchester 1886 WIP

So, I’ve just started modeling. This is my second model (my first model was an elaborate knife, I might show it to you all later).

Now, I decided to make a Winchester 1886 using this picture as reference:

So far, I’m done with the general shape of the stock.
Feel free to tell me what’s wrong.


I’m trying to make it with not too many polygons. I might smooth it a bit more, but not too much.

No, smoothing groups, as in what you’ve got on your edges

Those black areas? Yeah I don’t know why it does that.

Because you’re using smoothing groups wrong (if you’re even using them, which I doubt).

Yeah, I’m using them. Although, I want to avoid that. Hell it doesn’t even look that good. Any advices for that?

Sure you might not be trying to use too much detail, but some viewmodels from HL1 probably have more than that. Don’t be afraid of the tris, it’s not the 90’s any more. Besides, you could minimise those smoothing problems with a few extra polies in the corners.

The thing is you’re just making a thick silhouette of the stock and applying some roundness to the edges. The original stock has none of that, it’s very round all the way.


maybe the model have backfaces.

Nope they’re smoothing errors, Usually happens when two faces that share over a 90 degree corner and are in the same group. Other causes could be bad triangulation.