Winchester SX3 "flani-gun"

Ever heard of it? links: And

Can someone please make a model for this gun? I need a veiwmodel and a worldmodel. Include the textures, please.

Your more likely to get it done if you post pictures and not videos.

I would, but pictures are limited…

AHA: This took long to find, but hey, I found it. :biggrin:

You don’t understand how models are made. We don’t look at a video and then magically start constructing the model. We need orthographic views of an object front, side, back, and whatever additional views you can get. We need high resolution images, not blurry youtube videos.

I can’t find front or back, sorry. searches I wish I could find a front or back… Just imagine it as any other shotty from the front/back.

I REALLY don’t like that website. Try this.

^That is the perfect! Where did you find this?

Oh, it’s the same picture. The way you posted that link to the image made it resize to 256 x 256. I just messed around with the url you posted until I found where the other sizes were. Then I uploaded it to tinypic.

Ultimate gun for killing black birds.


No you.

Ill model if someone else wouldnt mind Texturing/compiling, PM on here if you want me too…