Wind Waker Beta

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Wind Waker Beta

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] A pre-release of a number of my future Wind Waker models.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Give me a shiny present.

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

Enjoy this little appetizer.


Yay. I expect Legend of Zelda comics in out future.


FluxMage=Win. Any other models from other games you are going to make? So we have a little warning to fire up GMod?

The project isn’t done.

Look here:


Very Great, time for do a some poses :D.

I was thinking when you done this project if it’s possible to get some of the people on the Phantom Hourglass like Linebeck, this guy rocks!!.

Ripping linebeck? Impossible.

Making a custom linebeck in Wind Waker style?


who is line"back" i haven’t heard of him before i’ve heard of a linebEck though

Hero Sheild and Sword were the only things that didn’t spawn.
And a suggestion, that if you can make the characters eyes light up like in the game.

Oh yeah, they will. Also they didn’t? Any one else have this problem?

Also, about linebeck, i had to boycott getting phantom hourglass to upgrade my computer. It hurts inside…

Hold me…


You’re using gmod 9 aren’t you?

I accidentally put the “#” sign before those 2 models in the spawn-list… my bad.

Remove those and they will work.

Yes!! Nice! Thank you FluxMage!

Nice models, but:

-You should look up some custom-made cel-shading shader files, then make a cel-shaded version

…You do realise that would have to be coded into Gmod first, don’t you?

Actually no… I’ve done it before. Check it.

I did it with a special phong shader.

My graphics card sucked so much though, that i could not thoroughly test it, and so i scrapped it. I kept the .vmt shader code though.

I was planning on using it at some point.

I’m a bit new to GMod, and I don’t know how to add the spawn codes in GMod 9. I googled it, but that didn’t return any good results, so I dunno. I really like these models and would love to use them, but can’t.

Cool! Make more!

One shiny gold star to you downloads

Who the hell reported it??!

Some smartypants reported the download as malicious (O_o)…