Wind Waker HD

File list:

Let’s figure out the model format and possibly make another Noesis script like for Hyrule Warriors. :yarr:

Noteworthy files such as ITest61_Room0.szs are in there…

haha wow… u beat me to it!! xD

Im like currently downloading the iso atm. might as well save me 4.1GB of space for 819MB :3

used yaz0 decompression, and they’re the same as super mario 3d world. Sarc and Fres format with model format of FMDL.

It uses the same compression as the GameCube version. Use yaz0dec.exe included in this:

Ideally, we would want a viewer that decompresses the files automatically.

well i spoke with some1 who could program something like that… make a viewer just to load the sarc file and bfres file along with the textures, and will be able to export as a DAE file. Im just not sure if he’ll fully make it tho… he did say he would make it if he got 300 bucks for it due to all the progress and reverse engineering he’d have to do.

If no ones made anything to unpack the arc files I’ll make something, the Nintendo community here seems nicer than the others at least

Ok here’s the tool, it will unpack any file with the magic ‘SARC’ .rarc and .pack files have them, there might be more not sure, let me know if there are any problems with it.

heh not bad. works fine. now if only there’s a way to open these brfes files and preview the FMDL models and FTEX textures