Windmill windmill, far away.

Listen to this:

I love floating Islands. It just adds so much emotion to any pose.

Saw the title, saw the picture, knew the reference before I even played the song. Now I feel good. See what I did there?

Anyways, the aliasing on the trees is a bit distracting. I think the devshots command kind of fixes that kind of thing. I like the Heavy’s faceposing.

Good picture overall.

Maybe add a bird or two? Add to the ambiance.

here is the model I used for the heavy. I really like this model.

Posing looks a bit stiff, and you should never mix TF2 characters with real maps. Angle could use a llot of work, it’s pretty dull. The camera also looks a bit fish-eyed. Remember to back up, and zoom in.

i reckon it needs dof.
Would look better.

Title made me think of this.

Also, try not to use HL2 maps.

I can’t explain myself on this one but I think the map kind of fits with the Heavy, possibly more so than if he used a Half Life 2 model.