C&C is appreciated as always.

E: Tried to make a B&W version:

Oh dude, how you create such masterpieces? That colors looks fantastic.


You know that funny feeling you get in your chest when you hear/see something that’s really awesome, like, say, a really good song for example?

Just. wow.

The purple gray from the left and the strong red-orange from the right combined with the little blue purple flowers at the bottom give a wonderful balance to it. I remember seeing the work in progress on a bright & sunny day. Glad you went with this sunset combo. By the way, where are those wooden beams from? I love the texture & shape of them.

Thanks, I originally pictured the sunny version, but decided to alter it, glad it worked out. Wooden beams (I think all of them) are from the latest update of TheMask’s SBMP

I Keep having to slip pictures from this guy in my GMOD Backgrounds folder! He actually had some in there before i put some of his in!

Seen Pictures such as Phys-god Out of map bounds? Yup by The guy who made this masterpiece!

yes, you’re not the first user to discover Vioxtar’s work on this forum.

I’m curious; since ‘Soft Lamps’ now has ‘[OLD]’ labeled onto it in the Workshop, are you using a different process other than your Workshop version of Soft Lamps to achieve this work? Also, keep up the amazing content. You never cease to amaze.

far as i know a newer version with a slightly different rendering technique has been released

If that means faster, and or better renders, sign me up for that download!


still not sure if it’s possible to get textures from elsewhere off of gmod with the adv. texturizer tool :s

Good job!