Window bars need a higher rendering range

If anyone has window bars on there fort and thought wow these bars will provide some cover while I shoot out of you may need to think again. I stood back from my fort about 50metres in game and my window bars just vanish (so do doors at around 100 metres).

People can easily see my head sticking out of the window now as my head paints a silhouette due to the window bars not being there. I also raided a full metal house and managed to snipe the occupants as I thought they forgot to block up the windows, as I entered the house the window did actually have bars so the guy I was raiding thought he was safe ( now I see why he accused me of aim botting).

I do understand it is Alpha and I do understand that allowing things to render at a small distance improves performance but it kinda totally defeats the point in window bars in the first place in its current state so I do hope they can somehow increase these ranges without people crying .

The doors don’t render and sometimes even the walls don’t render from a distance, would like to see those addressed before metal window bars.

Yeah, it can be disconcerting to return to your camp and not have the doors render until you’re basically 20-30 ft from the building. I always get a little worried right before it finally shows up.