window decail?

i cant seem to find them. anyone have a key word. i have tried window. wall. glass. and some other things.

You’re supposed to make a brush for the window, and apply a glass texture.
Split up the wall it’s supposed to be in so they don’t intersect.

not that kind of window. the texture window. like a texture window on brick.

Show me an example?

what? windows are made of glass, therefore you need it to be a brush…

There’s window decals aswell Rob.

yea, im asking for a decail of a window. type brick in the texture search. you will see that there is the regular brick, and the brick with a window. i remember seeing a guy on a livestream put on window decails a while black.

btw, it’s decal, and I know there’s this one good one but I forgot what it was

k. decal.

i still haven’t gotten an answer.

Did you look through all the decals in Hammer?

yes. i cant seem to find it. i tried the filters 2.

window, glass, brick, wall, brickwall, and a few others. nothing.

From what I gather you are looking for the texture that has generic, nontransparent windows on brick?

Ill look up the texture for you, I think I know what you’re looking for.


I didn’t even type anything in to find it, it was on the first row as soon as you open up the texture tool.

There were also a number of other textures under it fitting a more domestic look.

I could not find a good in game picture of it but if you watch this video, and skip to about :55 or 57, you would get a good idea about how it looks in game. Ignore the author of the vid though.

Filter in “building” and you will find many building textures with windows.

You could CLIP the window part out and then move it to whatever brush you want I guess.

Those aren’t decals, generally. They’re in the texture.

Filter for ‘decal’. It’ll list them all for ya. Although most buildings are just brushes with different variations of a building texture on them.

This guy even looking at the thread anymore?

yes i am.

They’re not decals.

it would be much better if they were.