Window Sniper (WWII)

All in-game editing and I choose that Lee Enfield because my only other alternative (allied) rifle was the ugly DoDS Springfield

He decided to go on a suicide mission after he couldn’t stand his low-res hand implants after they were blown off.


Honestly the DoD Sprinfield doesn’t look too terrible with a custom skin.

I also dunno where they got that offset scope from for the CoD2 No.4 (T) - every Lee-Enfield sniper rifle I’ve ever seen - including the WWI rifles - has had a normally-mounted scope of a completely different type. Might need to have a poke around someday to see if there is some whacked out, obscure variant like that.

Maybe you should go to the model request section and ask for it.

Awesome screenshot, I like the spotlight look that comes off the window.

I’m not bitching, I’m commenting on the strangeness of that type, especially since IW seemed to give at least a couple of shits about accuracy back then. There must be one somewhere for them to have done that but I’ve never seen it.


Reminds me of the first Cod non of that Tacticool stuff Looks Awesome.