Windowed Face/Finger Poser

Hey, Facepunch.

Been working on a bunch of random pics/projects lately and have been getting really annoyed with the face/finger poser. You basically cannot see what you’re doing to the ragdoll’s face/hand as you pose it. I do remember seeing someone showing off a model a while back and they had the finger poser in a window in the bottom right of the HUD. Not sure if it’s a mod, a setting, or some cheat code, but that would be fantastic to have.

Thanks, guys.

press c

Press c with the tool equipped?


Sorry, gentlemen. Apparently I’m derping super hardcore.

Spawned in a ragdoll, equipped the finger poser, right clicked one of its hands, pressed (also tried holding) the ‘c’ key. You know, the one in between the ones that say ‘x’ and ‘v’. Still nothing.

Apologies for being so damn clueless.

Check your key bindings, you’re looking for the command called “Context Key” if memory serves. You may have just un-bound it or something by accident.

Thanks, fury. That worked.